Tuesday, August 26, 2008


This is my favourite painting.
She is very beautiful with the red scarf which she wear.
The main focus is on her eyes and lips.
Biting the edge of her scarf, seeming as to not leave her modesty, endears us to her.
The red colour reflection from the scarf on to her face makes her look gorgeous.
As an amateur painter it took some time for me to bring flat lighting on this painting.

Your valuable comments and suggestions are always welcome!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

"REFLECTION" - watercolor on paper

This painting is done in watercolor on paper.
The main challenge was to get the reflection of the valley. Capturing the texture of the half submerged wet rocks and the mountain was a challenging first for me.
The light from one side gave good shadows, highlighting the valley making up a splendid view.

"A Tree" - oil on canvas

"A Tree"
tree in spring season.

"THE GOLDEN TEMPLE" - watercolor on paper

this painting i have taken long time to finish.
But not because of the more work i did. it was because of my lasyness. But this painting is the one gave me lots of confident to do more. Also this is the one which most of my friends like. So I got lots of support and encouragement from my friends because of this in the world of painting.
this painting has some problem with the perspections. It didnt come well as i expected. reflection on water was little challenging and time consuming for me. everybody liked it. but there was more color in the water reflection than required. but response was good. so i like this painting most among my watercolor paintings.

"STILL BEAUTY" - oil on canvas

"still beauty": this is my first and only one still life painting.
this is my masterpiece upto now. So this is my favourite painting also. Everybody seen it liked it. All of my friends gave good commends on it. Some artists gave mixed commends.
those were very usefulll suggessions. there is some pespective problems with the painting. those type of feedback helped me a lot in painitngs i did after. this painting made most of my evening eventfull those days. i was very interested to complete this one and show to my friends. the lighting was very important in this work. I feel i succeeded in getting the correct lighting in this one.
this painting i was done not with the object placed and live. but i used defferent pictures has similar lighting. I have taken very much amount of time to finish the fruits part, to get the actual color and the lighting. and i didnt take much time to do the wine glass and the cloth.
but it came good. i feel that is the highlight opf this "still beauty".!!

"EVENING TREE" - watercolor

"sun set":
this was rapid apinting. I remember i have taken less than 20 minutes for this one.
this was one of my teacher's favourite eventhough there is only a shadow of a tree.

"PORTRAIT OF A SAINT" - watercolor on paper

portrait of a saint: this is a watercolor painting.
I like doing portrait always. watercolor medium will give me more flexibility and interest. this painting i did for getting the wringles of the old man and the cloath he wear. Also i tried to capture the texture of different things in this work. the woolen cloth he wear, and the orange cloth on the head, the white thilak and the hair, beard and skin has different textures. and tha was the interest in doing this.

"TEARS OF INNOCENSE" - oil on canvas

tears of innocence:

"PERSPECTIVE STUDY" - oil on canvas

"A pespective study":
i tried to get the pespective beauty and the texture of blue old pot. The lighting on the wall and the texture i tried to capture.

"HEAVEN" - oil on canvas

"landscape"- it is a good sean with the green grass and the flowers. this is like a dream place everybody like to live one day.

"BEAUTY IN GREAN" -oil on canvas

"FISHERMEN" - oil on canvas

"BACK TO HOME"- FARMERS - oil on canvas

"BRIDGE BY THE BROOK" - watercolor on paper

"KASHMIR BOY" - watercolor on paper

"GIRL AT THE DOOR" - watercolor on paper